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These articles concentrate on chess-players’ lives outside chess, and allude in most cases only briefly to their chess activities.  Most articles are essentially research notes knitted together with only limited coherence, and are in the nature of work in progress.  Links below marked (Y) are to pages in the main Yorkshire Chess History website.

Algar, Thomas Stannard (Y)

Askham, George Albert Roberts (Y)

Batley, William (Y)

Bingham, William George (Y)

Boardman, Arthur Oswald (Y)

Brown, John Bower (Y)

Brown, Thomas (Y)

Camm, William Henry (Y)

Champion, John James (Y)

Charles, Peter Henry

Clark, Henry

Clark, John Robert

Cockayne, Bagshaw (Y(

Cockayne, Edward Shepherd (Y)

Cockayne, Walter Thomas Shepherd (Y)

Cockayne, William, junior (Y)

Cocking, George Bailey (Y)

Crabb, Thomas William

Dale, Edward (Y)

Davy, Arthur (Y)

Davy, Ernest Richards (Y)

Dewar, Reginald (Y)

Elam, Dr Charles (Y)

Evans, Wilfred Colin (Y)

Fleming, Archibald Robert (Y)

Foster, Edward Savile (Y)

Foster, Fredrick Edward (Y)

Gardner, Ernest Frank (Y)

Greaves, James Haines (Y)

Green, Arnold Yarworth (Y)

Greening, Joseph (Y)

Gregory, Walter (Y)

Gurnhill, Charles Reuben (Y)

Hall, Dr John Charles (Y)

Holroyd, Harry Herman (Y)

Jenkinson, Arnold Wistow

Law, Dr Joseph (Y)

Lawton, Howard (Y)

Latham, Thomas Staniforth (Y)

Leffler, Carl Johan Laurentz (Y)

Littlewood, John Eric (Y)

Littlewood, Michael Paul (Y)

Littlewood, Norman (Y)

Littlewood, Peter Donald (Y)

McWhire, Harry (Y)

Meek, Robert Walker

Moore, John (Y)

Mort, Henry Leonard (Y)

Moses, George Wyville (Y)

Orange, James (Y)

Parker, Elliott & George & Joseph Gilbert (Y)

Pearson, Henry William (Y)

Peck, Thomas Arthur (Y)

Pierpoint, Edward Pelham (Y)

Richardson, John Stanley (Y)

Rimington Wilson, James Wilson (Y)

Reoch, John (Y)

Rockett, Hildreth Dudley (Y)

Rossell, Henry Augustus (Y)

Shallcross, Henry Stevens (Y)

Shories, George (Y)

Shuttleworth, Thomas Edward (Y)

Shuttleworth, Thomas George (Y)

Sibray, Ernest Edward

Smith, Sidney (Y)

Sparkes, William Henry John (Y)

Taylor, George Stopford (Y)

Titley, Francis William John (Y)

Turnbull, William Peverill (Y)

Vickers, Col. Thomas Edward (Y)

Ward, Thomas William

Weston, Edward

Wilson, Dr. William John (Y)





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